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George W.

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I met Dr. Corcetti in August of 2022.

He explained how a typical Natural Functional Medicine program works.

I then researched, investigated and considered the benefits of such a program for a relatively healthy 79-year-old male. I made the final decision to begin the program in November.

The initial blood test showed several problems; sugar levels, cholesterol and weight all needed immediate attention. After review of my medical history and a personal profile interview Dr. Corcetti developed my program.

I proceeded to inform my primary doctor of my new program, giving her a complete list, including amounts, of all the various supplements and minerals I was taking. She had absolutely no problem with the program.

During my next appointment with the primary doctor, she informed me that my cholesterol numbers had declined enough that she removed me from the statin medication that I had been taking for over 25 years.

My next appointment was even better. She took me completely off Metformin, again a medicine that I had been taking for over 25 years. The great news was that I was no longer considered pre-diabetic.  And my A1C had gone from 6.4 to 5.5.

After six months in the program, I also lost 25 pounds.

If you’re interested in improving your physical being, maintaining an active lifestyle and enhancing your chances of living longer – Natural Functional Medicine is the way to go.