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Our family was first introduced to Standard Process products by Dr. Bob Corcetti while we were barely recovering from a bad case of the stomach flu over 2 years ago. Immediately I felt a big difference in my energy level—I had more than I normally did, yet I was still not fully recovered. This change prompted us to try SP on a daily basis at Dr. Corcetti’s guidance, and it has been among the most positive choices I have ever made for our health.

Ever since I was a young girl, I suffered from frequent stomachaches usually accompanied with diarrhea. As an adult, I learned they were triggered by certain foods and stress. Despite regular chiropractic adjustments, which helped me in many other areas, and despite trying other numerous brands of all-natural supplements, I was never able to uncover the mystery or solve my digestion issues. I thought I would have to live with them for life. After just one week on my specific SP plan through Dr. Corcetti, I noticed incredible energy and peace within my gut! It has been over 2 years since our family has consistently taken SP products on a daily basis, and I am thrilled to say I have not suffered from those stomach pains and diarrhea! One of our kids also suffered from similar stomachaches and has now experienced the same positive results I have. We often say Dr. Corcetti and SP have solved our problem and we can’t imagine going back!

Although we cannot achieve perfection in our health, I have confidence knowing that SP allows us to have excellence. When we are run down, stressed, or sick, Dr. Corcetti has taught me which products to give my family to boost their immune systems. With such a large family and busy life homeschooling and serving in full-time ministry, I am secure knowing SP keeps our bodies energized and ready for each new day. When most are sick, we experience very mild to no symptoms. Thank you, Dr. Corcetti, for your generous concern and guidance and for taping into our God-given potential.